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Space Oddity

Every human mind can be likened to a galaxy. Within each individual resides an entire universe of thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Imagine a distant galaxy, and in it, you exist as pure consciousness, devoid of any specific form or identity. You are the universe itself, temporarily manifesting as a human being to experience life.

We are like stars encased in human skin, containing a cosmos within us. Protons, dark matter, electrons, and neutrons – these particles are the architects of stars, oceans, and distant suns, as well as the vastness of space. You and I transcend names and forms; our existence is timeless and eternal. As everlasting entities, we represent the supreme reality, an embodiment of cosmic intelligence, all composed of vibrational frequencies.

We are a formless consciousness that extends to the stars, a realm filled with boundless energy. We are the dreamers of an endless universe, interconnected and unified in perfect harmony. This entire cosmos is an extension of you, a reflection of your infinite nature.

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