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The World as we knew it 

The first exhibition held in 2018 was inspired by the human influence on this planet and by the technology surrounding, but with a dash of darkness connected to its unbreachable speed. In the present moment, the biggest threat to our survival is humankind. The world may remain, but not as we know it. Fast paced exploration. Meat dissipation. Increased consumption. Resource depletion. Polluted air. Warm dying Oceans. In a near future the resources of Earth are used. All gone. Planetary Chaos. And then we fade. With our faith. 

Colonisation of another planet? If Elon succeeds. Space Oddity. If there is time. The red planet. A new Home for a selected few. But before it happens, Artificial Intelligence advances. Such unknown beauty. With extreme curiosity. So comes Singularity. Human evolution reach its point of no return. T3000. Termination. Cataclysmic nuclear war between humankind and sentient machines. The remains of us

 hide from machine learning overlords. Morpheus to Zion. Ground-control to Major Tom. You and me to the office. Busy with worldly life. Then it happens. Hasta la vista. A new existence. Post human life. And as Earth tune in on her last blue breath, our eyes open. One last gaze at the horizon and the sun that sets with her. Tomorrow comes  and her darker colour rises. Painted black.

With her machines that raises. 

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