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Until it fades away


It all begins with a Timeline of History

Years before the Present

13.5 billion                

4.5 billion                 

3.8 billion                 

6 million                    

2.5 million               







The Present            


The Near Future    

Matter and energy appear. Beginning of physics.

Formation of planet Earth.

Emergence of organisms. Beginning of biology.

Last common grandmother of humans and chimpanzees.

Evolution of the genus Homo in Africa. First stone tools.

The Cognitive Revolution. Emergence of fictive language. Beginning of history. Sapiens spread out of Africa.

The Agricultural Revolution. Domestication of plants and animals.Permanent settlements.

First kingdoms, scripts and money.

The Scientific Revolution. Humankind admits its ignorance and begins to acquire unprecedented power.

The industrial Revolution. Family and community are replaced by state and market. Massive extinction of plants and                                         animals.

Humans transcend the boundaries of planet Earth. Water and Air, the two essential fluids on which all life 

depends, become global garbage cans. Nuclear weapons threaten the survival of humankind. Organisms are                                                    increasingly shaped by intelligent design rather than  natural selection.

The surface of Earth is no longer habitable. Vegetation and Animals are dead. Intelligent design become the basic                                          principle of life. Awakening of human consciousness. 


In the present moment, the greatest threat to life on earth is humankind. Arctic depletion. Polluted Air. Dying Oceans. Biological annihilation. Overpopulation. Increased consumption. Until it all fades away. Maximum insanity. Without a Planet B.


But a new form of divinity. Accelerating technology. Seeked for immortality. With beautiful curiosity. So comes Singularity. Robotized humanity. Lifting to a new collective and moral consciousness based on sense of destiny? Or kill our creativity and empathy? Were we made to fall apart, only to be rebuilt with better capacity? Time will tell if we are walking a path straight to human captivity. Or to a different reality. 


Maybe there already. Simulation theory. Alive but not awake. As we go on in our daily life, are we fully conscious? Or hypnotised, by social convention into feeling and sensing that we exist only inside our skins? A dream within a dream. We need a shift in awareness. The next evolutionary step for mankind. The awakening of human consciousness. To understand it went wrong when we lost our dreams to protect our days. Our perception of the world is a reflection of our conscious state. Awareness of the inner body is consciousness waking up remembering its origin and returning to its true source. The cosmic energy.


The universe experience itself through you for a brief breath called Life. We learn that we are not the original big bang but something just out on the end of it. So we walk around feeling alone and unhappy. But you are One with it all. You are the vast thing you see in a telescope. You are the universe despite society teaching you limitation. Your heart is the light of this world. Never cover it with your mind.  If you don't trust life to unfold, the mind takes over and it becomes a game of strategy, motivated by anxiety. So to be fully awake and truly alive, the mind needs to be kept silent. And the heart kept open. Always stay aware of your thoughts. All that we are is a result of them. With our thoughts we make this world. So always stay present. Be a source of kindness on Earth. Live out you dreams and your ultimate reality. Spread your cosmic light. Always love. Until all the darkness fades away.


A portion of all profits will be donated to Marine Life Conservation and Animal Welfare charity organisations.

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