Paradise Lost

This Earth, our Shangri-La, a place of rare beauty soon forsaken by our resource depletion and high paced consumption. The Millennial era is this moment. Gen Y is the future. Or it is the last human generation to walk the surface of the planet. Earth is dying, and in the rise of darker days, we shall remember the joyful times of dancing in the nights with the moonlight, free minds, and naked hearts. Life in a world before destruction will become memories and stories to tell. Stories of Earth when still thriving with life, when she was still ours to use. Ours to abuse.

Stories about the magnetic beauty of a planet once blue of  majestic oceans, full of fascinating creatures, countless rivers, lush rainforests. An Earth thriving with thousands of species, snow coated mountains, palm dressed islands and wavey beaches. What places we lived, full of laughter and life. How we ran on sand brightened by Sunlight, warming our skin, her blue surface, and our naive hearts.

So alive it once was. And hungry we were. Alluring it all was, the paradise we lost. Skies full of stars on our homes full of light. A planet filled with life. So we consumed it all. To her last blue drops. We just had to eat it all. But imagine if you could see, what a place this used to be. Paintings of Earths last moments made with colours that once existed. To catch a glimpse of the World- as we knew it.


Paradise lost is a tribute to the remarkable beauty of this planet. It is made with the desire to increase awareness of the urgency we stand upon if we want to save Earth and ourselves. A portion of all profits is donated to environmental organisations.

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